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From our All-over print T-Shirts to our Sports Jerseys, we use our own custom made polyester blend fabric that is softer, smoother, more breathable and longer lasting than cotton!

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Razor Print – Custom T-shirt Printing

Razor Print is a one-stop-shop for unique t-shirts that look and feel wonderful in every aspect.  The highlight of Razor Print is our custom t-shirt printing. Looking for low-cost custom t-shirts for your business, school or any fundraising program? We help you create uniquely designed attires using our design tool. At Razor Print, we deliver high-quality custom screen print, DTG print or embroidery on t-shirts according to the idea and need of the customer. Creating something great on your apparel with immense passion is what we do at Razor Print. As a leading custom t-shirt printing company,  we have a team of highly trained professionals including graphic designers, screen printers, embroidery experts, talented costume designers, and fashion tech experts. From retail to whole custom t-shirt printing and distribution, we offer a great deal for those who are particular about choosing the perfect customized t-shirt that suits their cause.

Customized printed T-Shirt Under Budget

Razor Print is popular among t-shirt lovers as we deliver customized printed t-shirts at a very reasonable price. Our expert designers will support you with your ideas or help you buy printed t-shirts online, meeting all your expectations. With years of experience in the custom t-shirt printing and online t-shirt sale, we help our customers feel happy through the delivery of custom t-shirts in bulk and single piece order. Our 100 percent money-back policy on your custom apparel services help you make sure that you are totally satisfied with the product you receive. More than just custom t-shirt printing service, we provide an extensive range of apparel including hoodies, women’s tops, tote bags, sports jerseys, activewear, and home products that are super customizable. Buy custom printed t-shirts online at and maximize your budget so that you can add a few more pieces in the purchasing cart. 

Razor Print’s online design tool has more than hundreds of design ideas and art pieces to help customers create their design apparel. Applying the easy-to-use design features provided at the Razor Print website, you can design your fashion garment and buy custom t-shirts that suit your interest. We’re not just designing custom print t-shirts, but helping you make memories. More than just pieces of fabrics, the unique pieces you buy at Razor Print are real keepsakes that may remain with you for years. The Razor Print team always strives to deliver higher quality products with shorter turnaround times.  From exceptional custom printing and incredible customer service to something as simple as delivering your product on the day we promise, we ensure you get exactly what you desired. Above all, we invest immense time and effort to bring you the first-rate product that meets all your expectations. 

Latest Trendy Tshirts

In the last few decades, t-shirts have proved their value when it comes to marketing a business or a campaign. With an excellent t-shirt design, you can build a perfect rapport with your audience. Realizing the power of this advertisement method, many marketers nowadays create unique t-shirts to catch the attention of their audience. A custom t-shirt printing company like Razor Print will help you design your desired t-shirt to win your viewers or loved one’s heart. Razor Print is an exclusive online platform to buy custom t-shirts in bulk for a special event, groups or organizations. 

It doesn’t matter whether it is a bag, t-shirt or any kind of dress or accessories, trends appear and fade away because of fast changes occurring in the fashion world. Hence, our skilled designers always experiment with some new design styles to amaze customers for longer periods. Razor Print is something extraordinary, where you can find trends that not just remain for a single year and then disappear, but transcend time. 

The type of t-shirts you wear defines your taste and choice. Whether it is a nature-inspired t-shirt, cartoon tee, graphic tee, or a gothic theme, we help you design your own t-shirt and tops in the way you desire.  At Razor Print, you can buy custom printed t-shirts, tops or sportswear that matches your attitude and personality. 

Let it be DTG Printing, Screen Printing, or Embroidery on your t-shirt, Razor Print will do it perfectly so that your attire will reflect your style and choice. Our wide range of garment styles includes crew-neck t-shirts, logo embroidered polos, hoodies, unique women’s tops, full-sleeve t-shirts, sports jersey, activewear, and a lot more. While providing handpicked ultra-comfy materials crafted with care, we do not compromise on quality. Our premium product is durable and gives you a silky smooth feel.  The art team and design specialists of Razor Print ensure that the garment uploaded on the website is perfect by analysing the sizing, contrast, and layering and you’re delivered the best. We take care of your design idea, make sure that your design is picture-perfect when printed, and also check the quality of the fabric and printing, just before shipping your product at your doorstep. 

Razor Print Custom Design Tops for Ladies 

Women are usually tired of being forced into gents or unisex t-shirts; we at Razor Print offer unique ladies t-shirts in abundance than any other online stores.  We follow Indian standard sizes in our ladies’ tops and t-shirts and our sizes may vary by +/- 0.5 inches. Ladies of all ages can custom design a shirt or top that fits their figure. We provide an exhaustive list of designer tops for ladies. You just need to pick the most suitable one from our huge collection of custom t-shirts and tops. We also provide options to upload your own design or select from our free clipart and create a one-of-a-kind look for your friends’ group, business, event or business. What we guarantee in our garments are high-quality digital printing, long-lasting, super light, and breathable fabric that provides a comfy-feel. Our exceptional designer ladies t-shirts and tops are really a turn away from the usual stripes pattern.  Our unique designer collections are specifically meant to freshen up your look with perfect patterns. 

Design Your Own T-Shirt Online

Razor Print is getting more popular among those who buy custom printed t-shirts online. We let you design your custom t-shirts and tops online in a few minutes. Our t-shirt designer is free to create the finest dress adding logo, slogan, artwork or clip art. No matter how many types of t-shirts or tops your wardrobe has, they never seem enough, when it comes to custom design print t-shirts. If you are one among those who don’t want to repeat the usual outdated patterns in your shirts, then Razor Print is the ideal platform. 

Razor Print makes it super exciting and easy to design your custom design t-shirt online using your own design theme. You just need to start on a blank white t-shirt canvas or pick one from hundreds of other apparel. Use our design tools to add image, clip art, or text on your shirt, enhance the design with special effects and after completing your masterpiece designer top or t-shirt, save it or send it to a friend for more feedback. If it looks great, click “Buy Now” to checkout! Design your own t-shirt online and we’ll do the rest. 

Buy T-shirts in Bulk

Customized apparel is a great way of improving yourself, brands, etc. They definitely help you stand out in a crowd and be unique! Apart from providing custom t-shirt printing services, Razor Print offers a wide range of custom printable t-shirts, hoodies, tops, and several other products online with no minimums on digital printing. We are well-equipped with in-house DTG printing, screen printing, and embroidery options to meet your specific demands. Get a quote for any of your bulk custom t-shirt printing and manufacturing requirements. Our team is always ready to bring you the best-customized product and service possible. At Razor Print, you can buy custom t-shirts in bulk on special discounts; so don’t hold back. Get you and your squad looking fashionable at super affordable rates!

Printing Techniques of Razor Print

Razor Print is an online custom t-shirt printing service provider fully modernized with premium quality printing technologies to render the best designer garments to our customers. Our top-notch printing technology, embroidery techniques, professional service, and systematic approach to manufacturing are intended to bring the best for our customers. From top-of-the-line materials to garments to ink to machines, we use only first-grade items. Our designing techniques include DTG printing, screen printing, embroidery and other advanced fashion techniques. 

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing

At Razor Print, we use international-standard Direct-to-Garment or DTG (spraying ink onto the garment using inject technology) printing to assure that every design we create shines bright. To get the best look and feel for your attire, this high-quality digital printing technique with no transfer printing. From t-shirts to paintings to tote bags, DTG printing ensures a picture-perfect finish that makes you fulfilled.

Screen Printing

Planning to order your t-shirt or top in bulk? Screen printing is the ideal option for you. This printing technique pushes the ink onto the fabric through a woven mesh stencil. The ink lays on the top and doesn’t soak into the fabric. Lower cost of production with no compromise in quality is the highlight of screen printing. Screen printing is usually considered excellent in case you want your simple graphic designs in larger quantities at a discounted price. Since screen printing requires extra preparation, a minimum order amount is usually recommended. Similar to DTG, screen printing yields excellent quality prints. 


Embroidering your design on the dress you selected adds an extra level of elegance, making it a perfect choice.  For those who prefer handcrafted stuff with a personalized touch, embroidery is the ideal choice. Razor Print provides embroidery service to engrave incredible designs onto your fabric. We use high-quality threads so that your design will last for a lifetime with a super classy personalized feeling. Embroidered attires give a smart and professional finish and go well with polo shirts and other special dresses. Embroidery will look great for sports team crests and company logos that use multiple colours; many people prefer embroidery over printing. 

Why Razor Print?

Designing is an art form, and nothing makes you happier than creating a masterpiece. Razor Print is a high-quality easy-on-pocket custom t-shirt printing service provider, which offers unbelievable services at very affordable rates. We offer a wide range of customized printed t-shirts online for customers who want personalized attire for special occasions and events. Be it a branded t-shirt or a designer piece,  t-shirt printing option covers up all your requirements. You just need to choose the right apparel that matches your requirement and buy. 

Razor Print is an exemplary online platform to help you design and buy custom printed t-shirts in bulk or as a single piece. To create your designer dress effortlessly, we have an amazing team of the world’s brightest designers, printers, and design specialists who are available 7 days a week to guarantee you the best experience. At Razor Print, the services and transactions are handled by a team of experienced professionals from the fashion and design sector, sales, support, purchase and accounts, production supervision, design review & repair, logistics, and inventory management. Hence you won’t feel any kind of inconvenience or discomfort during your purchase with the Razor team. 

We’re constantly updating our printing and embroidery techniques through research in the latest design printing technologies. Our team of expert craftsmen also experiment with new techniques, making every design more exceptional than the previous one! 

Our Quality Assurance Policy

Our eagle-eyed quality assurance team monitors every step in the designing, printing, and product delivery thoroughly to ensure that we don’t deliver substandard or faulty products. All the products are shipped to the customers only after checking whether it meets our standards. Once the product is shipped, we send you all the required information to track its journey to your doorstep. 

We also make it certain that your order turns out exactly the way you want it. In case your order doesn’t reach on time, or if you’re not satisfied with the products, get in touch with us and we’ll make it right. Our competent customer service person works diligently on your behalf to assure you receive the best product, service and attention you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

  1. Is Cash on Delivery available for orders through the design tool?

Cash on delivery is not applicable for custom printing orders. We offer 100% secure online prepaid methods through RazorPay payment gateway for net banking, card payments and UPI.

  1. Why can I only customize part of the product?

We have a guide/box in place on the product to show you which parts of the product you can customize due to printer limitations. Be creative!

  1. Can I customize Sports Jerseys?

Yes, we offer customized sports jerseys. You can add team names/logos by contacting us directly at [email protected] and letting us know what you need.

  1. What products can I customize?

You can choose from a variety of customized t-shirts or customized hoodies.

  1. How does your pricing work?

We offer competitive pricing on our products, giving you cheap custom printed t-shirts and hoodies with a high quality. Our pricing is based on area, the bigger the design, the more it will cost.

  1. Can I print pictures of my favourite tv show or movie characters or logos?

That is a strict no. We can only print designs that you own the rights to. We hold the right to refuse orders that we might feel is violating copyrights and the customer claims full responsibility for any materials submitted for custom printing services. Please refer to our terms of use for more info.