Which is the best material for buying clothes

When we buying clothing like personalised T-Shirts from online shops or other we take the material as its second hand. We look at only for the brand and designs on first. It’s a big mistake.

Here we are looking for the different types of materials used for clothing like T-shirts. There are two types of textile fibers. Natural and synthetic. The natural fibers come from nature, like cotton and flax or from animals, like silk and wool. Synthetic fibers are, well, made from synthetic fibers. There’s also something that is often referred to as semi-synthetic which are made from natural materials like cellulose from trees but the fibers are made artificially. The most common synthetic fibers are made from fossil fuels, the most common material is known as polyester.

Synthetic Fibers

Advantages and Disadvantages


● Warm & Comfortable
● Machine washable
● Cheap price
● Lightweight easy to wear


● Doesn’t breathe
● Can’t be recycled and is not biodegradable
● Highly polluting and uses toxic chemicals
● It’s very heat sensitive and can be damaged, melt or burn
● It’s not good for the skin, many people getting allergic reactions to it

Why synthetic fabrics are so Popular?

Artificial fibers are more durable and because it is completely fabricated by humans, it’s easier to design different properties like water resistance, stain resistance, dyeing in specific colours is easy and you can also make it elastic or wrinkle-free.


This is not only the most common synthetic fiber but nowadays the most common fiber in clothing overall. It has so many advantages and disadvantages.



● Cheap
● Durable
● Wrinkle resistant
● Colours last
● Hydrophobic which means it dries fast
● Keeps its shape


● Release microplastics when washed
● Heat sensitive
● Doesn’t breathe
● Loses a lot of its quality when recycled
● Toxic chemicals are used
● Highly polluting


Cotton is the most common material for clothing and while this is a natural fiber and can be grown organically without pesticides the cotton plant need a colossal amount of water to grow.



● Soft
● Comfortable
● Breathable
● Durable
● Good moisture absorption


● Needs a lot of water to grow
● Tendency to shrink
● The biggest need for pesticides
● If organic it need even more water and land to grow
● Loses a lot of its quality when recycled


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