Design Custom T-Shirt to Spread Awareness of Coronavirus

COVID-19 (Corona) has been tightening its tentacles on the world since the beginning of 2020. The disease is spreading like wildfire. It has created a situation never seen before. The whole world, including those boasting themselves to be superpowers, is in predicament unable to contain it. The United Nations declaring Corona as a pandemic itself underscores how alarming the situation is.

The honourable Prime Minister of India declared nationwide lockdown for 21 days on 24th March as part of the measures to fight COVID-19. People are advised to remain home and move out only for emergency/ essential requirements. Man, the so-called “social animals” are advised to practice “social distancing” to decelerate the spreading of the Coronavirus.


Governmental agencies, social workers, and NGOs are at the forefront of fighting the disease. The only way out in preventing the disease from creating havoc is to take necessary precautions. Definite norms to follow while in public places have been circulated for all us to follow to stop the spread.

Unlike other viruses, the COVID-19 infected body will not exhibit any symptoms at the initial stage. A person, who appears to be healthy, maybe a carrier of the virus. The typical nature of the virus necessitates educating every individual in society to follow all the precautionary measures. Even though they are healthy and don’t have any symptoms.

The biggest challenge encountered by the government is educating the public about the typical nature of the Coronavirus and the importance of taking precautions. The agencies have been ensuring dissemination of the information through print, online and visual media. Celebrities have been repeatedly requesting the public regarding precautionary measures through social media. It is disheartening to see people defying the guidelines even after repeated reminders.

The criticality of the situation entails an all-out measure from each one of us. For us to survive and for presenting future generations with safe earth. We all are warriors in the battle against the COVID-19 virus. And the best way to win this silent war is by spreading the word about the virus and the precautions to be observed.

As we are looking at a different kind of situation here, it will be advisable to use all our resources and ideas. One of the means to publicise the protective measures could be to design custom-printed t-shirts. It will silently talk to the other person about the requirement. At the same time, it will enhance each other’s morale. It is always a strengthening fact to know that somebody else is also there with us.


The personalised, custom-designed and custom-printed t-shirts could be provided to health workers, social workers and persons from NGOs. The public, to support those work in the field, could also use such custom t-shirts. The message written on the custom t-shirt will be loud and clear. It will amplify the effect if thought-provoking one-liners with catchy images are used.

The directives about the usage of facemasks, washing of hands, keeping a social distance of one meter etc would reach clearly to everyone around. The people wearing the t-shirt will be the silent messengers spreading awareness. Thus putting their bit in the unprecedented war.

Any person in the team could prepare the custom picture and phrase. Or else there are firms like Razor Print, who can design those professionally. The best aspect of Razor Print is that it has both options for custom-designing and custom-printing of t-shirts. The customer can custom-design the t-shirt, specify the quantity requirement and place the order. Razor Print will deliver it to anywhere in India free of cost.


Razor Print
offers an online t-shirt design tool to customers for custom t-shirt designing. Any customer interested in designing the t-shirt with the slogan phrased by them or artwork indicating corona prevention methods can make use of the design tool. The easy-to-use design tool is one of the salient features that differentiate Razor Print from others.

Razor Print uses superior quality poly-blend cloth that is better than cotton in breathing and longevity. The artwork, slogans or quotes could be embossed on the cloth using either DTG (Direct To Garment) print of Screen Printing. The type of printing method to be adopted will depend on the type of custom design, the number of quantity and quality requirements.

The slogans for custom t-shirts would depend on the customer’s choice. It must hook the onlooker’s attention and convey the idea. Human psychology is different. They tend to turn blind to a concept if said once. Most of the time people would understand a thing after repeated intimations only. Simple slogans expressing bigger inner meaning have more effect on society.

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    1. Indeed your attire speaks and convey to others the message you’re trying to convey. This virus spread awareness attire is very important in such situation and this will have a great impact .

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