Fashion Mistakes to avoid while wearing Polo T-shirts

Custom polo t-shirts look very elegant on different occasions. It has come a long way from golf courses and tennis courts to carve out a permanent place in every man’s closet. It’s fashionable and comfortable. But if you’ve just woken up from a thousand-year slumber and have never owned a polo before then,

Here’s a guide to help you rock

Don’t wear Loose-fit or oversized

To avoid a boxy look that does nothing to compliment your body, always buy a polo t-shirt that’s just the exact size. Especially if you’re not too blessed vertically, an oversized polo will make you look even shorter than you. Whether it’s at a mall or shopping t-shirts online, most men tend to be quite flippant. When it comes to buying your next polo, it pays off to show an extra bit of dedication.

Don’t get too experimental with colours

Say what you will but, it’s true that everybody appreciates a man who makes some effort when dressing up. Your group of guy friends might make fun of your love for fashion, but secretly they’re all envying your impeccable sense of style. However, sometimes it’s easy to get too carried away with trying to be different and you can end up making a disastrous mistake.


One of them is certainly wearing a colour that simply does not suit your skin tone or your personality. Custom polo t-shirts for men come in a variety of colours and designs and it does help to have a wardrobe that’s not short of this all-time essential clothing item for men. But it’s always better to be cautious of what shade and print you pick.

Know when to tuck it in

Men’s polo come with an even hem. This, of course, means it looks great when worn untucked. For any casual outing wearing an untucked polo with your favourite pair of denims or even shorts looks very cool and relaxed. But it’s also good to remember that what makes polos so popular is that it can be worn formally and still look totally on point. Whenever you’re taking a polo out on a more conventional occasion, it looks classier to have it tucked in. A pair of chinos, a slim belt and a sharp blazer over your polo should do the trick. When shopping helps to remember this small but useful piece of advice — if you see a polo shirt that is longer in the back and shorter in the front then it is meant to be tucked in so that it stays in place when you bend over.

Be smart with the buttons

When it comes to polo for men, how many buttons are good buttons? Well, there’s no correct answer to this one and it all depends on the occasion. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to never leave all of your polo’s buttons undone. This just doesn’t give out the whiff of a classy man.

custom-polo t-shirts-for-men

Also, not everyone can carry off a full sleeve Tees for men with the top button done. It might end up making you look too stiff. But if you can carry it off, then do go ahead by all means.

Short sleeve shirt with a tie is a big No

Considered a cardinal sin in the fashion world, wearing a short-sleeve shirt with a tie is absolutely not recommended. It is neither a formal style of clothing nor an informal one, and although many men prefer it just because it is ‘different’, it is a fashion mistake worth avoiding at all costs.

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