Latest Design Trends in T-shirts

The latest trend in T-shirt fashion looks like expressing once personality in what they wear. Latest custom T-shirt printing has brought forth enormous ways one can express himself. Earlier t-shirts were regarded as a casual dress that people used to wear at home or during a sports event. Gradually, it became a dress that can be worn on several occasions. People, especially youngsters wear this all-time comfortable dress as simple or casual fashion wear. Nowadays, people even wear an attractive t-shirt as office wear. More than basic clothing with plain colours and limited words, t-shirts are the most comfortable piece of dress today to express the attitude, the personality of the wearers.

T-shirt Printing

All over garment printing technology has opened up a variety of ways in which one can express his creativity. One can use creative tools like Adobe Photoshop or free tools like Canva to create vibrant artworks or patterns. These artworks are then uploaded on to a custom print shop website, where you can see it in 3D and have a realistic feel. You can choose the type of apparel, fabric or art substrate, its size, base colour etc. As you progress, you can see how much it is going to cost you. Finally, when you are satisfied, you can pay online and check out. Your order will be made and shipped out to you through dedicated logistic partners.
On-demand printing of apparel and artefacts is trending in the US and European fashion world. It provides the end customers freedom and opportunity to design, get manufactured and wear apparel that reflects their personality. All this can be achieved while sitting at the comforts of one’s home or place of choice. You can also choose from a wide variety of fabric types, apparel types, and base colours that meets the customer’s requirement. Custom artworks are printed on natural cotton canvas. You can also even print your family photos on a natural canvas that looks like an artistic portrait painting of your family. Since these prints are made of UV resistant inks, it can last a very long time without fading. It can adorn the walls of your home, for future generations to admire.

T-Shirt Design Trends

Printed t-shirts are a great way to show your attitude, support for a person/event/activity, promote your business, etc. When it comes to t-shirt printing, you can use your artistic skill to make your t-shirt a unique one. Today, a large number of brands, businesses, and independent groups have started using t-shirts to promote their products or services to make them noticeable in the market. Through printed t-shirts and tops, one can spread out a message for their audience, followers, or to the public as a tool to build integrity for their brands. The latest trend in t-shirt design is the introduction of new elements from culture, society, and nature. However, when you have decided to make your own t-shirt design, make it certain that you create something exceptional to help you stand out from the crowd of insipid and lifeless designs.

Some of the popular t-shirt designs are listed below:

Animal Portrait: If you are an animal lover or animal influencer, create stylized portraits of your pets or other animals to spread your likeness for animals or your support towards some animal rescue organization. 


Artwork: An artwork with lots of gradients is a great idea for bringing a unique look to your t-shirt. Choose the best artwork from the gallery and print it on your t-shirt. 

Abstract Drawings: Organic abstract drawings combined with or with our text are one of the most appealing t-shirt designs. Creative strokes with a mixture of colours can make the design stands out. 

Bold Statements: What you need to say, create it in bold letters on your t-shirt. A bold statement on your tee can speak louder than your actual voice. 

Comic Characters: A large fraction of people love comic characters, and it would be extremely funny if you print playful cartoon characters or comic book superheroes of the 90s along with humorous notes. 

Geography Designs: Who doesn’t like a t-shirt marked with their city or country outline? Geographic designs are a great way to design your t-shirt exceptionally well using the outline of your city, state, country or the World map.

Handwritten Typography: Hand-drawn texts can create a range of different moods. Let it be bold, delicate, gentle or funky, create your own writing to make the t-shirt looks unique.

Inspirational Quotes: Inspirational quotes are not just for your room walls or phone or laptop wallpapers. Let it travel anywhere by being printed on your custom t-shirt. 


Repeating Text Designs: Repeated texts on t-shirts create an impression of saying something louder to the world. Create a trendy design on your tees with repeated text.

Retro Typography: Use of retro fonts in mind-blowing colours is one of the latest trends in t-shirt designs. Create a retro tee using a groovy font in psychedelic colours. 

Ready to create your t-shirt with a unique design? Bring your design to life with our free design tool! 

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