The Best Materials for Making Custom T-Shirt

1. Cotton

There is no doubt, Rightly called as the King of all Fabrics- Cotton. It’s a common material for custom t-shirt printing online in India. This is because the fabric provides a nice mix of softness, breathability, and comfort for casual wear.

Here are some of the popular kinds of cotton

Organic Cotton

Slightly more expensive than its normal counterpart, organic cotton is devoid of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides that are generally used to grow cotton. It’s eco-friendly and sustainable with a soft touch and feel.


A slubbed fabric is created with slight knots and knobbles, which can be seen as thicker, raised threads on the fabric surfaces. A light and airy cotton fabric that doesn’t cling to the body.

Combed Cotton

This type of cotton goes through another round of special treatment before being spun into a yarn. It is extremely soft, smooth and durable to make your design more long-standing.

2. Polyester

Another popular choice of fabric for custom t-shirts, polyester is a synthetic fabric that is commonly used for sports apparel. Polyester fibers are sometimes spun together with natural fibers to produce a cloth with blended properties. This is because the material is quick-drying and comfortable.


Natural polyesters could have played a significant role in the origin of life. Though it may not be as comfortable as cotton, it is a preferred medium to work with when it comes to the transfer printing technique. As it requires passing the design from a special kind of paper or plastic to the garment, this fabric enables better attachment of the design.

3. Poly-Cotton Blend

Cotton and polyester blends can be strong, wrinkle and tear-resistant. It reduce shrinking. Usually a 50:50 mix of polyester and cotton, poly-cotton blend combines the best of both worlds – natural and synthetic fabric. Also, it tends to be an affordable option for many and can be cheaper than 100% cotton fabrics.

They tend to hold their shape well and are not prone to shrinking too much as opposed to 100% cotton fabrics which may tend to shrink when washed multiple times. Additionally, it’s well suited for most of the techniques of online t-shirt printing

4. Linen

Another natural fabric that is best suited for summertime clothing, this fabric is very lightweight. It is not as common as other materials for custom t-shirts. Nevertheless, it can be a great choice for its moisture-absorbing and breathable feel. But, it may not be suited for all printing techniques.


Natural fabrics have always been a popular choice of fabric for t-shirt printing online. They must prefer soft and smooth feeling fabric. It will comfortable to wear & should be light and Breathable. They demand Pre-shrunk and bio-washed fabric for a smooth feel and finish.

On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are man-made and have a seemingly plastic-like reputation. However, they are a great alternative to natural fabrics and score well when it comes to their comfort and sustainability. They mimic natural fabrics so well that you can tell the difference only by checking the label of the garment.

When it comes to choosing a fabric, there is no single fabric have a solution. Choose the best fabric for your custom t-shirt as per your preferences and design. Ultimately, the fabric you choose should make you look and feel comfortable. High-quality digital print inked right into the fabric leaving it smooth and colorful.

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