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Men’s Style Guide: 5 Tips to Look Perfect

A man has to be well-dressed to exude his confidence, attractiveness, and charisma. But contrary to popular belief, being well-dressed is not about wearing expensive clothes and the latest fashions. It’s all about what you choose and how you wear them. Here are some simple fashion rules

1. Get the Perfect Fitting Jeans

Almost 85% of men are wearing wrong size jeans that are either too large or too tight. But finding the perfect-fit jeans is not as tough as you think. Simply check if you can fit two fingers comfortably between your hip and the waistband of your jeans. If so, then you have found the right size!

2. Pick Shorts that are at just the Right Length

Your shorts should be Not too long and not too short – this is how shorts are supposed to fit. So, don’t wear shorts that fall below the knee or ones that are too short. The perfect pick is that which breaks at knee or no more than 2-3 inches above the knee.

3. Never Tuck in Casual T-Shirts and Polos

Casual custom T-shirts and Polos are meant to be worn untucked. They fit better with torso and don’t have all that extra fabric material like the classic fit T-shirts do. But make sure that their proportions are clean. custom T-shirt or Polo tee should not cross your hips in length, otherwise tucking in is recommended to avoid looking nerdy.

4. Don’t wear Deep V-neck T-Shirts

V-necks are great, but men wearing those deep V-neck can look so damn tacky. So, if you love v-necks, please remember this rule of thumb: the bottom of your v-neck shirt should fall no lower than 2-3 inches below the collarbone.

5. Mismatches shoes and suit

Wrong shoes will kill your whole look. You should match color of the shoes perfectly to the color of your suit. Here are the examples to help you what shoes color goes with what suit color.

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