Tips to Get the Best Sports Jersey Design

Want to get the best sports jersey design? Yes, you are right. Jerseys are the identity of every sports team. Uniquely designed jerseys with team logos become an essential part of a team. The teams give special attention to creating attractive jerseys. Major teams with high operating funds assign professional designers for their jerseys. It may not be possible for small teams to spend money to design jerseys.


You can design elegant jerseys for your team by following some methods. Thus, you do not have to spend any money on hiring a professional designer, for designing a sports jersey for your team. You can design and custom print jerseys with minimal expenditure. A beautifully designed sports jersey will be advantageous in improving the fan-base. More people will buy a nicely designed custom jersey and enhance your publicity. 

Avoid too many colours

Too many colours can make the jersey appear less professional. Further, it can become an eyesore for even your fans. Just select one or two (maximum three) colours for your team. It will be better if the colour is complimenting your logo colour and design. You may also focus on placing the logo strategically. To improve the visibility of the logo.

Choose a simple colour 

Simple colours are cool. You can choose light and attractive colours for your custom sports jersey. You may discuss the colour options with your team members too. Their valuable suggestions will help in improving the design. 

Select a font

The font selected for writing the team’s and player’s name must be selected carefully. It should not be too fashionable and complicated to read. Some fonts appear stylish but are difficult to read. It may invite objections from match referees. It is advisable to use the same font that is used in your team’s logo.

Simplicity is the key

Simple designs are more attractive than complex ones. It will be catchy and will register instantly not only with your fans but also with general people. At the same time, it is more difficult to design simple yet excellent designs. A detailed discussion and brainstorming session with your partners may be required to reach upon a decision.


Additionally, online custom t-shirt printing firms can assist you in designing. Their team will be experienced in the matter. Hence, they will be able to guide you regarding the custom designing and custom printing of t-shirts. 

Eminent Identifying Feature

Each team has its own logo, slogan and design patterns. Your sports team’s jersey must have at least one feature that distinguishes it from other common jersey designs. The eminent design aspect will engage the viewers and your jersey will be a hit before you even imagine. 

Fabric Quality 

You must go for a high-quality fabric material that has proven longevity and durability. It should not fade or turn defective after some washing. The sports jersey must be smooth, comfortable and breathable. Consult a reputable firm only, for custom preparation and custom-printing of your jersey. Confirm the track record of the t-shirt manufacturer you are approaching. You can discuss additional discounts and offers for bulk order sports jerseys. 


You must forward the measurements of your players to the firm preparing the jersey. An ill-fitted jersey will affect the performance of the player. The discomfort of the jersey will pinch the player throughout the time he or she is in the field. Thereby, affecting the concentration. 

Every agency has their own methods. You need to clarify your measurement requirements when you order the jersey itself. Well established custom-printing firms do not compromise on the measurement. They obtain exact measurement details before going ahead with the manufacturing of jerseys. 

Bottom Line

You may not find sufficient designs and options if you search in your local store. They may try to sell whatever colour, design or pattern available with them. Online stores and custom-shirt printing organisations can eliminate this problem.


There are a handful of reputed firms specialised in custom-designing and custom printing of sports jerseys. A few of them also provide easy-to-use online t-shirt designing tool. You, along with your teammates, can sit in your home or club and design jerseys according to your choice.

The representatives of the online t-shirt designing firms will assist you in case of any doubt or confusion. You can consult them for clarifications regarding pattern, type of printing, colours, design and so on. The firms will custom-print the t-shirt and deliver it to your doorstep, anywhere in India, without any shipping charges.

Hope you got some vital tips to get the best sports jersey design. Now start designing sports jerseys for your team and be unique from the rest.

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