Trendy Custom Tees for the Newgen

The world is going through radical changes in fashion trends. New generation, fun-loving youth demand for explosive designs and colours to match with their current outlook of life and expectations. Design expectations vary from a basic monogram to wild collages of extreme fusion. Some would like to have their caricature or images of their love. Their favourite music or sports idol would give great satisfaction for cult followers. Some would be happy wearing their political orientation. Yet many nature or animal lovers would love to display their passion for the same. Valentines Day, Halloween, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc are special occasions that call for commemorative tees.

So anything and any celebration now a days become an occasion to order a custom Tee of their choice for the new-gen youth. Modern-day printing technology has enabled many possibilities to get very vibrant T-shirts printed in a short time. In the forefront of this revolution is the DTG – or Direct to Garment Printing. DTG printing is more suitable for cotton garments.


DTG printing more or less work like your office inkjet printer with a continuous ink tank. But it uses advanced software and special fabric ink to achieve brilliant colour gamut and picture-perfect images on to your T-shirt. First, the area to be printed is sprayed with a pre-treatment liquid and heat pressed for about 10 to 15 seconds to make it ready to accept the ink and for the ink to bind properly on to the fabric yarns. There are also chemicals that bring up colours more vividly. To print on a dark colour T-shirt, first, a substrate is printed using a special white colour ink and then the image is printed on to the white surface. Depending on the printer
quality and speed, an A4 size colour image can be printed between 2 and 5 minutes.



Once the printing is done, the personalised T-shirt is again heat pressed using a T-shirt heat press. The time and pressure is adjusted as per the ink manufacturers recommendations. But the life of a DTG print is limited to a couple of dozen washes.

Sublimation printing is done on polyester fabrics. For this required images need to printed on to a sublimation transfer printer and transferred on the fabrics using a heat transfer press. This type of printing enables to have All Over Print T-shirts. Printing is more permanent and have a long wash life compared to DTG.

Other type of printing T-shirts is using transfer paper and screen printing

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